SSO - Survivor Speakout

Anyone convicted in any Indiana county or on a diversion program, may attend Survivor Speakout in person or online. Visitors are always welcome to the in-person panels if space permits. The presentation also includes impairment by alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, texting, fatigue, sleeplessness, inattention to the road, eating, grooming, distracted driving and speeding. Any conditions caused by the driver that prevent responsible, safe operation of a vehicle causes impairment of some kind.

Being arrested while drinking and driving, or driving under the influence of drugs, is a serious issue that affects many lives, not just the person who is arrested. The financial costs are tremendous, but imagine being arrested for seriously hurting or killing someone in a crash while impaired. The consequences are nothing you can imagine.

The presentation is also used to educate young adults, teen drivers and adults who you may know who drink and drive on a regular basis. Survivor Speakout is all about choices and consequences.

WARNING: The Survivor Speakout presentation is not recommended for anyone under the age of fifteen (15) years of age unless it has been court ordered. Survivor Speakout is very graphic. In order for anyone under the age of fifteen (15), who has not been court ordered to attend, Survivor Speakout must receive express written permission from a parent or legal guardian and the parent or legal guardian must accompany the minor.